About Suzanne – 2022

Suzanne has always lived her life in motion, moving to different parts of the U.S. It has been that way since childhood, sometimes by circumstance (parental decisions,) sometimes by choice (adult decisions.) But when retiring meant that Suzanne no longer had to go to the office, the choice was easy: she sold the house, put everything she didn’t give away into storage, and left.

You can join Suzanne through her posts: Bahrain and Oman in 2017, Jordan and Lebanon, 2018, in the Middle East, a region where the “people of the Book” live. The World Nomad Games of September, 2018, were in Kyrgyzstan, where unspoiled scenery and unspoiled people live. Kazakhstan and Georgia, Land of the Golden Fleece, are close by. A stop in Bahrain to visit daughter Sarah, Andrew, and Olivia, a sojourn in Florida with daughter Amy, Andy, and Jacob. A trip to Arizona to catch up with family, then a road trip to the four corners of the continental U.S. to visit friends.

Suzanne arrived in South Africa in 2019, intent on learning about Africa, a dynamic continent, filled with people determined to survive, exotic animals, and ancient civilizations. She traveled from “Cape Town to Cairo,” partly on Cecil J. Rhodes’ Rhodesian Railway, but equal parts bus, boat, and plane.

When the pandemic pulled the Earth to a screeching halt in March, 2020, Suzanne had just arrived in Bahrain from Ethiopia. She enjoyed life in Bahrain for over three months, until flights began in June, 2021, to London. It was a longer visit than she’d planned, longer than anyone had planned, but fabulous. She had great company – daughter Sarah, Andrew, Olivia, and Katie, the newest addition, plus Sarah’s friend Susanna. Even so, when it was possible to move again, Suzanne flew to London.

The pandemic dragged on. Suzanne’s overseas travels were limited to the United Kingdom, mainly Scotland. December, 2020, brought Suzanne back to the United States to visit family, and she stayed. The United States is a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people and places, some unique landscapes, a vast variety for one country. But, here in 2022, travel overseas is finally, slowly, becoming available again, and Suzanne is making plans.

The stories and photos of the places she’s been are in these pages. There will be more. We don’t know when or where the stories and photos will be born or when they will end. You are most welcome to read along. Hit the “follow” button to be notified of new posts. If you have questions, you should ask Suzanne. She will respond, even if it takes a while.

Suzanne is a CPA, former elected official, and former county administrator in the United States. She caught the “travel bug” while participating in an election observation mission to Ukraine, sponsored by OSCE in 2006.