Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens – Strolling Around the Grounds

Not everyone loves gardens, but I do. I spent one fine afternoon strolling around the grounds, just admiring the plants and the sun and the smell of the combination.

The rest of this post is photos, just in case some of you like plants as much as I do.

The nameplate to this one was probably obscured by the other plants, but I loved the unusual shape for an evergreen.
The conservatory, closed because, pandemic.
I love these arches. If I ever have a house again, I will try to grow one.
Preached trees: “pleached” means that they have been trained to grow to form a narrow hedge or screen.
The Queen Mother’s Garden, dedicated to “one of the most remarkable Scots of the twentieth century.” The Queen Mother passed away in 2002 at 102.
Notice the use of several kinds of hedging plants to add interest.
Always looking for ideas – this is to keep the birds away from the berries!
The “long border,” a way to showcase a variety of flowers, shrubs, and small trees.
The view through the garden.
“Turk’s Cap” lilies are one of my favorites. These are almost spent, but still love the color.
I think these were Hellebores – surprised to see them in early August.
Lace-cap Hydrangea
Redwoods, from America.
The rock garden. I’ve never been a big fan, but they made it look good.
Parting shot, the other side of the rock garden.

The End.

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