Arriving in Cape Town, South Africa

It was a long journey – Tampa to Atlanta, Atlanta to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Cape Town, but I am here at last! I have checked into my AirBnB and I could not be more pleased: a cute little studio with small balcony on the 8th floor very near the tourist area of downtown Cape Town, very nicely appointed, with 24-hour desk service, elevator (!), and secure yard. Lovely!

It was about midnight, local time, when I reached the studio:

Cape Town looks just like it does in the travel magazines! Today is sunny and bright, and the temperature is great. 73 degrees Fahrenheit at 1:50 in the afternoon, which is when I woke up. I slept for almost 14 hours solid, the longest that I’ve slept in about 44 years. Here’s what I can see from my minute, but perfectly formed balcony overlooking the city as I sit here with my tea:

My AirBnB is perfect for me. The host, Mr. Hannes, is a “super-host,” which is AirBnB lingo for someone who’s reached a certain threshold of positive reviews by their guests. He says he owns three apartments on the same floor, so he’s clearly invested in this venture.

After sleeping for 14 hours, food was a priority. Literally around the corner is a well-stocked grocery store, with important items like oatmeal, muesli, and almond milk, along with lots of fruit and vegetables, pastas, canned beans of many varieties, spices, and breads. It is a small store by American standards, but it was a real store with lots of variety. It’s name is “Woolworths.” I don’t know if it’s any relation to the five & dime stores that used to cover the U.S.

South Africa has a VAT, value added tax, which is charged even on some food items.

I was intrigued by the magazine offerings, especially the one titled, “Longevity,” aimed at 40+ women, judging by the cover. Very similar to the U.S. in topics.

Recyclable bags are encouraged:

This evening and tomorrow morning, I will plan my sightseeing here in Cape Town. Events in Nelson Mandela’s life and activity will be part of my agenda, but there is lots to see and do.

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