Cholpon-Ata: Photos 1

Cholpon-Ata was the small city where the World Nomad Games were held. Most of what I’ve shown you has been about the WNG, but Cholpon-Ata has some sights of its own.

This is the Oluya Mausoleum, situated at the beginning of Cholpon-Ata as approached from the west (i.e. from Bishkek.) The signage is entirely in Kyrgyz and Russian, so I researched on Google, but information is sparse. There was a photo on an architects’ professional association website. It was built in or after 2003 (the captioning made it difficult to tell which date represented construction versus winning the award) and the architect, Muhtar Kerinskulov, won the Aga Khan Architectural Award for Architecture for his design. The mausoleum is constructed of local bricks and faced in white marble. It sits on a red granite plinth (base,) flanked by sculptures. The entire structure is 21 meters high. My observation is that the sculptures are stylized lions. The mausoleum has a nice view of Issyk-kul, but without more historical context, its main function seems to be a landmark to designate the entry to the town.

This Lenin statue is in Cholpon-Ata. As I moved through Kyrgyzstan, I learned that just about every town and city has a statue of Lenin, but the relative position of prominence varies, as does the size of the statue.

I just like this photo. This was one of the Kok-boru teams waiting their entry into the arena, with Issyk-kul in the background.

The children all over Kyrgyzstan are friendly and openly curious about foreigners, especially Americans. With the least bit of encouragement, they came right over to see what we were like. They were enchanting.

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